Boys Under 12 Tier I

1Juventus Y3300363339
2St. Albert Impact3201111016
3SG Saints (OShea)3102920-113
4Warriors (Azocar)3003831-230

DateHome Away
Apr 101st Group 1 -v- 1st Group 2

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Elijah BOSSIOJuventus Y5
2Alexander MOODYJuventus Y4
3Nicolas VAN DOLDERJuventus Y4
4Caleb RONDEAUWarriors (Azocar)3
5Egzon JETISHIJuventus Y3
6James GRAYJuventus Y3
7Kaden BOSCHJuventus Y3
8Luke WITHERSJuventus Y3
9Nicholas MELLONJuventus Y3
10Noah BILODEAUSG Saints (OShea)3

No shutouts to display.

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Boys Under 12 Tier I
SG Saints2 - 4 St. Albert
Warriors1 - 19 Juventus Y
Juventus Y12 - 2 SG Saints
St. Albert 7 - 3 Warriors
Juventus Y5 - 0 St. Albert
SG Saints5 - 4 Warriors

1st Group 1Pre1st Group 2


Gold: Juventus Y
Silver: St. Albert Impact
Bronze: SG Saints (O´Shea)
Fourth: Warriors (Azocar)
Fair Play: SG Saints (O´Shea) 

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